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Aoba Language Center presents: Aoba Chat~!

I should be studying for my COM488 mid-terms and Pre-Advanced Level 1 test/exam for tomorrow, but being pretty much a pro at procrastinating, I ‘feel’ obliged to write this post.

OK! So, if there are readers (left) of this relatively dormant blog who are wondering where I picked up the Japanese language, I go to this school named Aoba Language Center, which was situated in Paradiz Center and now, in North Bridge Commercial Complex. I was introduced by an army mate who was a student there (he bailed out of there soon after I joined though…hmmmm…), and I’ve been pretty much enjoying myself since then.

I have to admit, Aoba is a small school. But ‘small’ does not equate to ‘not good’. Just think of it as like, between a tutorial and a lecture. From what I’ve heard from my friends whom are students from Japanese language schools like Ikoma and Bunka, their lessons are conducted somewhat like a lecture; many people within a classroom. Once again, to make my point clear, I’m not faulting any one side…just stating differences, not bashing them. In Aoba however, class size is typically small, not going beyond…15? (Can’t be sure of this fact for I take weekday classes, so I have no idea about weekend ones)

About the nature of the classes and the teachers, it’s not up to me to give an accurate portrayal; they are after all subjective to the individual. But I am lucky enough to have received guidance from the same teacher right from the start for 2-3 years now, and being a stick-in-the-mud who dislikes change, this is very much more desirable for myself.
-brings me to the focus of this post! (I think I fail in writing…to have only reached the focus/thesis after so long~)

Aoba Chat~!!

A blogging platform which was established by the teachers, staff, and helpful students of Aoba as a congregation for, well, teachers, staff, students, and everyone else! As in their own words:

AOBA CHAT はAOBA LANGUAGE CENTREで日本語を勉強するみなさんと先生たちのおしゃべりのブログです。

…A rendezvous place for all students and teachers of Aoba!
This blog aims to promote and facilitate further communication between the teachers, students and potential students of Aoba….

Various topics will be discussed from time to time, further enhancing your knowledge of the Japanese culture….

NOTE: このブログは先生のつぶやき(ときどき愚痴)を、学生サポーターの助けを得て発信するブログです。あたたかいレスをお願いします。

Note: This blog’s content (sometimes grumbles from teachers) is supplied by the teachers from Aoba, and (translated)& published with the help of student assistants. Heart warming responses are greatly appreciated.

And so, there you have it!
Interested in Japanese language? Curious about the Japanese culture? Want interaction with native Japanese?
(Or you simply have too much time and wanna learn something new?)
Hang out at Aoba Chat~, and see if it’s just the thing for you! 🙂

…and with that, it’s back to the book for me.

*This is a voluntary post by myself, motivated by myself, and for…of course, not just for myself! 😀


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