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Word Art of the Week: Dream

Well, it’s been many weeks. Months, actually.

Something I did on a spur of frustration, which ended up with something which is more than what it seems.



“Can you see my dream? ゆめが見える?”

I’m hoping you can see them too.


Word Art of the Week: Karma

As much as I dislike running, I like taking long walks across “town,” especially in the evening. Much thoughts and ideas come to mind during my walks, though many times they just go back to where they came from after I return home.

The following is one idea I’ve successfully translated onto paper. 🙂


“What goes around, comes around.”

And below is a (failed, in my opinion) prototype word art of the same word, thought up and drawn while chilling out in “town.” Kinda too abstract, isn’t it?


Word Art of the Week: SCANDAL

Once again, a little delayed in the weekly delivery of new works, but here’s my latest, which serves to satisfy a very personal interest of mine. 🙂

SCANDAL’s latest single will be released on 22nd May (2 more days)! Have you made your order yet?



Drawn and completed using a PILOT Super Grip mechanical pencil (over 10 years old) and a ZEBRA Sarasa Clip 0.7 Black pen.

I might have made the “L” a little too abstract, but liked how it turned out eventually. Can you get all the references/thingamajigs in each letter?

Word Art of the Week: Dragon

Severely burned out from work, which resulted in a lack of entry for last week… which also led me to drawing this on a whim.



Heeded the advice of copyrighting, watermarking (which I don’t really like), and just simply signing off my work which I share online.

Just to share the spur-of-the-moment…drawing/writing:


Word Art of the Week: Sleep

Well, looks like I’m a little late in this week’s entry.

A word which I have been lacking engagement in, for a pretty long time now.


So, any requests for any words? 🙂