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Word Art of the Week: Truth

So here’s the Word Art of the Week; a word which I have never really thought about until my first philosophy class in university.


“Truth is malleable.”

Also, I refined my previous Word Art of the Week, which you can see it here.


Word Art of the Week: Infinity

Had got an idea stuck in my head after a recent sharing on my Instagram, which led to this mini “project” of mine: Word Art of the Week, or WAW for short.

Basically, I would come up with a word for the week and “draw” out the meaning of the word to the best of my abilities.
And during the process of drawing, I might be hit with a moment of enlightenment and come up with a one-liner or something, and so I might add them as well.

The purpose of this project is to (hopefully) present to people that words are only mere symbols; they do not carry any form of meaning on their own. Instead, the meanings originate from within ourselves, the interpreters of words. This means I will eventually venture into drawing an entirely different meaning to the words, but that can wait.

My drawings will primarily be done on paper and shot using my camera phone, so forgive me if the words are not uniform to your liking. But for some reason, I like the “chaotic” look of a hand-drawn word. 🙂

And enough blabbering from me, I present to you my very first Word Art of the Week in this project: Infinity.

Edit: I’ve refined my “Infinity”, which I have included below. The “prototype” can be found further down. 🙂



“Infinity, when given form, becomes finite.” ―MavericK

My earlier prototype design:

Week1 - Infinity