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For those who read this little blog of mine may realize I usually post lyrics (and sometimes, translations) to songs that were released pretty long ago.

Well, I admit I dun keep up to date with the latest hits in J-Pop or J-Rock. I usually stumble across songs which I find really nice through videos I’ve watched or friends’ recommendations, and it’s always the music that strikes me first.
Thus the reason for me to post the lyrics: they’re usually written in Japanese, and so what better way to share my love for the songs by posting the romanji version (although the love may have been shared a LONG~ time ago). And as for translation, it serves as learning the language and expanding my vocabulary for me, and as well as for others too, and thus the format in which I do my lyrics posts. I find it easier to learn the pronunciation of kanji that way.

And the process of translating, I simply love it. Especially for song lyrics. A whole new perspective into the artistes’ worldview opens up when I am able to achieve a deeper understanding of the song.

And so, yup, I will continue to post lyrics, and if I have the time, translations, of Japanese songs which strike a chord to me at any point of my life, whether it has been done or not. For I feel my interpretations of lyrics is unique to me, although they may sometimes be wrong. And if that is the case, do point them out and educate me.

Cheers! 🙂

*I’m placing this blabber into my “About…” page as well. ^^


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