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Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition Unboxed

So I’ve gotten myself the new (rebooted) Tomb Raider for the PS3 (not a fan of the Xbox here), and I was considering VERY HARD on which version to get: Normal, Survival Edition, or Collector’s Edition. And so after much contemplation (and calculation; I’m Asian), I decided to go for the Collector’s Edition. No regrets there.

I’m really liking the new Lara Croft design, as compared to the classic one. I’m guessing it’s the hair (bangs and ponytail), her properly endowed figure, and her pants. It never made sense to me why an explorer would wear shorts/hot-pants, which serves no utility other than providing a little more mobility. Crystal Dynamics, please retain all these elements in later instalments featuring the new Lara Croft!!

Firstly, the Collector’s Edition IS the full Survival Edition, with a Play Arts Kai Lara Croft included together in a nice tin box. You will still get every content that is in the Survival Edition: double-sided island map and poster, redemption codes for Hitman: Absolution weapons pack for multi-player mode and 10 downloadable tracks from the game, a mini art-book (EU)/lithograph (US), and a survival pouch (EU)/3 iron-on badges (US). Just see above. Secondly, the difference in retail prices of the two editions is around S$60-70 (US$48-56). The Play Arts Kai Lara Croft will be retailing as a separate figure at US$65. For me, I can definitely live without a beautiful but overpriced box packaging.

This is my first Play Arts Kai figure, and it really is a wonderful piece of work. The details are astonishingly intricate, and you will not feel shortchanged in terms of the accessories that’re included. The figure is very much poseable, with the joints being very similar to Revoltech’s Revolver Joints, so the poses can remain locked in place. If there is something to gripe about, it would have to be the figure being heavier at the top half of the body (I wonder why indeed), thus making it difficult to stand on its own. And that Lara seems to have “geisha lips.”
Now I’m tempted to get another Play Arts Kai figure of another video game character to go along with Lara. Can you guess who? ^^


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