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Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger: Season 痛(2), Cast Revealed~

Juu Mousou!Credits to Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Facebook Page

It’s (un)official!

和田 正人 (Wada Masato) and 荻野 可鈴 (Ogino Karin) are returning as Akagi Nobuo/AkibaRed and Yuko Ya…I mean, Moegi Yumeria/AkibaYellow respectively for the second season of Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger!
Sadly, 日南 響子 (Hinami Kyouko) will not be returning as Aoyagi Mitsuki. Instead, we have 澤田 汐音 (Sawada Shione) as Iwashimizu Luna, the new AkibaBlue!!

What I find interesting is that Sawada Shione is only turning 15 this year, yet her version of AkibaBlue bears a more mature look (garter belts, anyone?). What can this mean?

内田 真礼 (Uchida Maaya), 愛川 こずえ (Aikawa Kozue) and 穂花 (Honoka) will be reprising their roles as Hiroyo Hakase, Mita Kozukozu, and Malsheena respectively. More Mayayan~! *fist pump*

You can check out the second teaser for the second season at Niconico Douga, aptly named 「ちょっとだけ見てね 編」(Chapter: Just A Sneak Peek)!

(^this will probably taken down soon, so…until then!)

From the looks of it, AkibaRed gets a new weapon (a dagger) in his arsenal! Looks like there will be a new Moe Moe Z-Cune device~! And AkibaRed’s spanking new armor design seems to be a power-up after all!
And what is this? Even Malsheena gets to transform this time?! And it’s 「邪妄想」 (Jaa Mousou – Evil Delusion) for her?!?!

Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger: Season 痛 will premiere in Japan on 6th April 2013. Until then, 痛さは強さ!


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