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Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style and Beast Hyper

So a first look at the final/ultimate forms of Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Beast has been revealed!

Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity & Beast HyperCredits to JEFusion.

Personally I’m liking the idea of a white/colorless ultimate form for a Kamen Rider, which is actually a first in Kamen Rider history (unless my memories fail me, or you wish to take Kamen Rider Stronger’s Charge Up ability into consideration).
However, I’m guessing that the name “Infinity” was thought up as a pun on “Diamonds Are Forever.” And I think that it should be reserved for OOO, but then it’s just my opinion.

As for Kamen Rider Beast, he is looking less “lion” (discounting the face on his chest) and more…Rising IXA. Even his weapon Mirage Magnum screams “Rising IXA!!!” in my face. Hmmm.


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