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2nd February Is Twin Tail Day

Credits to Danny Choo.

The Japan Anniversary Association (日本記念日協会) had officially declared that 2nd February is Twin Tail Day!
Too bad I learned about it a little too late… though not that there are a lot of local girls who have twin tails in the first place.

For those who is clueless what is a “twin tail,” why would I bother explaining when I can show you beautiful photos from TwinTail Association Japan? 😀

TwinTail01Credits to TwinTail Association Japan.

TwinTail02Credits to TwinTail Association Japan.

The reason Japan Anniversary Association has chosen 2nd February as Twin Tail Day is because of the recurring number 2 in the date (2/2). The number 2 bears the connotation of “twin” in Japan.

Personally, I have a liking for girls in ponytails or with short hair (quite contrasting, I know), but it seems that girls can be more versatile in her image when it comes to having twin tails. Just look at the many photos on the TwinTail Association Japan website!


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