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One Piece Film: Z Review & Sneak Preview Details

One Piece Film: ZCredits to JEFusion.

I had the privilege to watch the media preview of One Piece Film: Z at Cathay Cineleisure, under the invitation of the very kind Alafista.

One Piece Film: Z is highly reminiscent of Strong World, which should not come as a surprise since both movies were overseen by Oda Eiichiro himself. What is fresh about this movie is that the main antagonist is a Marine Admiral-turned-renegade, who is disgruntled by the “pacifistic” practices of the Marines, and seeks to destroy all pirates with his own twisted brand of justice.

Z DesignCredits to Raftel Forums.

Since the promotion of the movie, Z has been stated as “the strongest enemy ever confronted” by the Straw Hat Pirates, and with the brief yet rich back-story of the character, One Piece fans would probably have no problems agreeing to the statement. This is also one of the “magic” Oda has worked into making not just the movie, but the entire series, a huge success: the story of what made the characters who they become. Despite being only 108 minutes long, you cannot help but feel that Z is like a friend whom you’ve already known for a very long time. And in my case, I actually felt the justification and regret to his actions which led to the events in the movie.

And the ending is tastefully done, making you realize that perhaps Z is the only character thus far who is truly uncanny to Luffy.

Straw Hats in ArmaniCredits to One Piece Wiki.

What I had found strange was the product placement in the movie. I’m no fashionista, so it was only until I had reached home after the movie and read about it, did I realize that Oda had incorporated Armani outfits into some of the characters’ wardrobes. They sure did look sleek indeed, but they also looked out of place. (Why would Zoro wear something such as glasses that would hinder his skills?)

If there is one thing I have to gripe about, it will be the soundtracks in the movie. There is a recurring song  which is very nicely written, a song of lament about the deaths of Marine soldiers, and the pieces played during the action scenes are great on their own, and even better accompanying the incredibly smooth fight scenes. But in most parts of the movies, there was no BGM playing, and it kinda made the entire viewing experience a little empty.

Plus it is kinda weird to have Avil Lavigne performing the theme songs for the movie. Hmmm.

All in all, if you could not get enough of Strong World, One Piece Film: Z would very much satisfy your cravings for more madcap One Piece adventures.

One Piece Film: Z opens at all Cathay Cineplexes on 21st February 2013. For those who just cannot wait, here are details about the sneak previews (credits go to SGCafe):

One Piece GoodsNot everything you see here is included. 

Sneak Preview I :
· 31 Jan to 3 Feb 2013 [Limited to 2000 tickets only]
· $13 per ticket
· Premium Giveaway: 01 x Clear File (ver.1) + 01 x A2 Poster

Sneak Preview II :
· 8 to 20 Feb 2013 [Limited to 152 seats per day]
· $20 per ticket (including Pop Corn & Drink)
· Premium Giveaway: Clear File (ver.1) + One Piece Red Packet + One Piece Pop Corn Box + One Piece AR CARDDASS

Public Opening :
· 21 Feb 2013 onwards
· $13 per ticket
· Premium Giveaway based on date of ticket collection from Cinema Box Office:

  1. Red Packet (3 – 20 Feb)
  2. A4 Envelope (21 – 27 Feb)
  3. Clear File ver.2 (28 Feb – 6 Mar)
  4. Paper Bag (7 – 13 Mar)
  5. ???? (14 Mar onwards)

4 responses to “One Piece Film: Z Review & Sneak Preview Details

  1. winardix Monday, February 4, 2013 at 2158

    I should kill you. I want Film Z T.T. By the way, you know the title isn’t quite good. It’s supposed to be “Zephyr. One Piece Movie”. But I do recognize why it is named after One Piece Film Z. Oda want audience feel the difference phase of One Piece, that they are entering New World. Because Phase of Manga/Anime was famously well-known introduced by Dragon Ball, with Dragon Ball Z. The anticipation is magnificent.

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