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Anime Festival Asia 2011

This is a SUPER outdated post on probably the biggest annual anime event in Singapore.
I will let my pictures do the “talking” for now.

See the full set of pictures here.

AFA2011 was indeed bigger and somewhat better than before, showcasing many more big anime titles. Having said that, it was also rather disappointing to see that the Artists Alley (hope I got that right) was reduced to a mere corner area. It didn’t facilitate a better flow of human traffic, and on a more practical note, it didn’t garner much attention, at least from me, than previous settings.

Another thing which I thought should have been improved after 2 years of the event is that, why yellow/orange lights? Are they cheaper than white lights (sorry, I really do not know)? The entire Artists Alley was illuminated with orange lights, so you get the warm fuzzy feeling, but it also hindered the perception of the many fabulous artwork on display and sale. It’s like the same thing with apparel stores and boutiques which use warm lighting; you love how the color of the apparel you’re buying, until you bring them home and find them to be of a different hue than what you saw in the shop.

Same thing goes for the figures on display, almost all of them look off-color. :S

I caught on Steins;Gate too late to appreciate this

Filming for Culture Japan

I have had the privilege to participate in the setting up of Danny Choo’s booth for the event, much thanks to Kodomut for providing the opportunity. Kudos to Kodo, Alvin, Danny, and his wife for their hard work on making their booth a success. *salute*



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