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Blabbering of a Fool

The “Disappearance” of Me

For the past week or so, I’ve been skipping many things in my routine life: club activities, part-time job, meet-ups with my friends. I’ve even missed out on an opportunity to pursue an aspiration of mine(but no worries, I’m a rather patient man).

Well, I had to because my mother had fallen ill pretty badly and had to be hospitalized. So during her stay at the hospital, it was daily visits to the hospital for me, and of course, household chores awaiting. So other than culinary skills, I think I’ve pretty cut out to be a house-husband. (Plus points to my eligibility? ^^)

The good thing is, she has been discharged, and now I’m trying to get her to laze around less at home in order to recover her strength.

I had only told a few close friends about this, and I am grateful that they are very trustworthy and did not make mountains out of a molehill.
And thus! The crazy, LAZY ol’ me is back, and I’m definitely going to write about this lovely movie I had watched twice recently, eventually. 🙂


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