Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


*dust dust*

I’ve had a conversation with a very interesting individual. but before I share the story, I find it necessary to elaborate on the term “interesting”.

When I say someone’s “interesting”, it doesn’t mean that I’m describing that particular person as undesirable, in a better way. He/she is just really interesting. But many people I know like to think beyond the literal sense.

Now anyways, this person is someone whom I have never spoken to prior to the conversation. He/she began by a flattering comment about me (superficial or not, who’s complaining?), and then the rest of the exchanges in the conversation, I knew they were his/her true feelings about things.

How did I know? Negative remarks were everywhere, about everything.

Now, remarks can be negative, but I do not find the act of sharing negative remarks to be something one should avoid. In fact, many a times, I always encourage friends who are having relationship problems with their peers to “confront” them about any misgivings these people might have about themselves. Then, one can take the chance to engage self-improvement.

Sadly, too many people only wish to hear the good things, and retaliate strongly against the slightest hush of negativity about themselves. As for me, I am no saint. I also do have a tolerance cap for negative comments regarding myself, but constructive comments are also welcomed.

Few people are willing to engage in discourse like this individual I met. Their minds too shut-in, their viewpoints too narrow. I wish I could speak my mind like that, but social protocol often restricts my deepest desires for expressions. Nevertheless, I enjoy participating in discourse. Contrary views are by far the most entertaining, for they really present fresh viewpoints of what you would like to think you already know.

Sadly, not everyone enjoy this. Any contrary viewpoints to theirs = falsehood, and any engagement in such conversations equate to arguments and disputes.


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