Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Friendship Lost, Found, and Redefined

It has been so hard to return to writing here, but alas, I am back.

With regard to my previous post about certain troubles I had found myself into, it has been a long, mentally and emotionally straining, yet at the same time fulfilling time spent outside the troubles of school work.

And soon my lessons will resume, but that is another one of my troubles, one which I would share in details upon the arrival of hopeful results.

Meanwhile, I will share backlogs of happenings in my life through moments captured, and perhaps thoughts will be shared as I run myself through memory lane.
(Too lazy to process/edit these pictures. ^^)

Photo set: Picnic in May

Lamented the fact that I didn’t get one in original brown. 😦

Probably still an unknown fact, but a bunch of us friends have a passion for tabletop games.
Definitely a better way of bonding than video games.

Perhaps I should write posts on some board games we own.

Photo Set: All Work & All Play

Supper culture is currently cultivating among mates in my workplace.
Definitely unhealthy for the body and pockets, but bring about immeasurable improvement (albeit intangible) to interpersonal relationships and communication. ^^

A place “hidden” in the crevices of Clarke Quay. Good food, good prices.
Only qualm about it is that the staff members are probably deaf: they blast the volume of the music,
making conversation with fellow diners a chore.


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