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Blabbering of a Fool

“Life is simple: the preceding line is a lie.”

It has been a week or so of internal turmoil, and of self-discovery for me.

Once again, I had fallen into the deepest, darkest crevices of my psyche, though this time, buffered by a self-imposed safety net of experience. And again, I was the crucial factor in these confusing equations that made my week unstable.

Through the internal raging of my conflicting mind, my friends, family, and colleagues were sadly receiving collateral damage from it.
There is a need for an apology, and thus, I am sorry.

However, through much discussions and consultation with friends and colleagues alike, I managed to see my part in these equations, and derived a formula:

Take things slow, and in my stride.

And with that, the Marcus you people know personally and love to hate (I know ^^) is back, with new goals, new perspectives, and a new skill to learn, for my own sake.

To share a realization of my own:

“Life is simple: the preceding line is a lie.”


One response to ““Life is simple: the preceding line is a lie.”

  1. tdd Saturday, July 9, 2011 at 245

    Long time ago i visited your blog, i searched for The girl in byakkoya (i love Hirasawa songs ).Today i search for it again, and i saw this post. Dont know why i’ve the same feelings with you, no, i see me in this post. Two months ago i leaved my home, my job, and go, go anywhere i can go, no need to know where was it, and i asked who am i, what i want…much much, but i cant have the answer. But i dont know (dont want to know) my parents, my friends, my special girl worried alot about me.
    Now im back, i still dont know the answer, still dont know what’re waiting for me (“Life is simple: the preceding line is a lie”, who knows ? Only time, haha ), but i know i’ll must face with them.
    Maverick, welcome back 🙂

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