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Singapore CGM Night 2010

And so, on 15th Nov 2010, we had our first ever CGM Night in Singapore, held by none other than Danny Choo, who was here for the AFA-X.

It was a great night, getting to know new people who shared similar interests, having the privilege of sharing a photo with the Tokyo Stormtrooper, or even chatting with, and learning from the man himself.
I particularly enjoyed my time talking with his wife, together with the comrades from WLNF, sharing our experiences from our sides of the world with one another.

Enough talk, time for photos. Full set of photos here.
Taken by Saiseki and me. It’s a combined ‘effort’.

And not forgetting:

Not by me. Courtesy of Kodomut.

Hoping for another Singapore CGM Night to come true~!

Read the coverage by others:



Banzai! Effect

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4 responses to “Singapore CGM Night 2010

  1. phossil Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 039

    Nice to see another good blog with pictures of the event 😉

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