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Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA-X) + I Love Anisong

Yes, it was that time of the yea again! The annual Anime Festival Asia, for the third year now!

No way could I miss it, despite the tight deadlines for my school work~

What’s more, I decided to go for the I Love Anisong concert! Namely, the first concert, featuring JAM Project, and probably the face of Anisong, Ichirou “Aniki” Mizuki! Since no photography of any sorts was allowed, no photos from me then, but I’ll just briefly describe to the best of my abilities!

Electrifying!! Never was there a single moment where we sat down during the entire performance by JAM Project. They performed one of my favorite songs, GARO ~SAVIOR IN THE DARK~, SKILL, Rescue Fire, and so many more, and each member even got the chance to perform their own song! For example, Endou Masaaki and his 「Yuusha-ou Tanjou!」, Kitadani Hiroshi and his 「We Are!」, and of course, Kageyama Hironobu with his 「Cha-La Head-Cha-La」! Aniki then appeared for the second half to awe us with the countless songs he has under his belt, and of course, his “Z!!!”

Really do hope they return next year for I Love Anisong!! Everyone should give it a go!!

And now, let the photos do the talking. View the full set at my Flickr.


3 responses to “Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA-X) + I Love Anisong

  1. Walter Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 340

    Very nice photo cover story Marcus!

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