Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool



People who do not give a hoot to what you do, what you do not.
People who accept (and probably suck it all up) who you are.

Thanks to Kodomut and Waltz for putting up with my indecisiveness so many a times, even I get sick of myself sometimes.
And for the many great advice and enlightenment offered when I needed them. Many more great years to come!!

Thanks to the WLNF people for having me, an abnormality in the group (since I don’t possess any Nendoroids nor any significant Figma figures). Our meeting could be really be deemed as one of chance. So who says there’s no such thing as chance? ^^

Thanks to Lester, Elena, Olivia, Jasimah, Abigail, Zi Xuan, Jerry, etc. etc. for putting up with my nonsense for almost everyday. Sure most of you are becoming like chameleons by now. And for the (budget) fun we tried to squeeze out of our crazy school schedules. Let us enjoy the remaining time we will have with one another as schoolmates, before we embark on another phase of our journeys in life. (Not saying that our “camaraderie” ends there!)

Thanks to fellow EO Turnstiles members who tolerate my bullshit every weekend as I try to make the workplace less boring (my way anyway). And no worries, no intentions of letting anyone of you escape my bullshit while you’re still part of the team!

Thanks to the classmates back in my primary school, for still remembering me. Thought I was pretty low-profile then, but was totally rebutted by Karen with this: “你 low-profile!? 你 low-profile, 我还自闭叻!” Hahaha~~

Also thanks, to the people who have made significant impacts in my life, such as letting me experience emotional distance in close physical proximity, and the concept of “pragmatic truths”. I might have been the punching bag for you, you, and you, but nevertheless, these were definitely my stepping stones towards maturity. (Still quite a distance away though.)


2 responses to “友よ。それと、敵…か?

  1. YuKi-To Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 2306

    Where got abnormal, everyone’s special!

    Finish ur Gintama!

  2. Nanana Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 2055

    🙂 Thanks to you too. School’s never boring with you there! ありがとう~

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