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The Nonsense That Is 8-Days

Haven’t been able to spend time on this blog of mine due to school commitments again (I don’t get holidays), but this, I must share.

As taken from this blog:

If anyone can identify the writer of this ignorant comparison table, please share it with everyone.

8-Days had clearly acknowledged this, but no apologies of any sorts were made.

Despite my refusal to partake in or consume anything Korean, I never compare between Korea and Japan. Sure, sometimes I validate my stand in disliking certain aspects of Korea, but never had I bash it down to raise Japan to a status of worship.

And now, back to my readings.
I wish I could be working on my Momotaros mask though.


2 responses to “The Nonsense That Is 8-Days

  1. Jovan Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 1603

    I agree, I missed one issue of 8-days but after reading this, I am so pissed! I seldom make comparisons and the say J-pop is lousy?! dammit!

  2. Eme & Mimi Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 526

    Eme & Mimi desu!
    We really like your blog so we are linking you in our new blog, come and check it, it may interest you!

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