Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

最初に、ディケイドは… (At first, Decade was…)

This was Decade.

He was an unarmed Rider at first.
Decade: “A Rider is all about punches and kicks!!”

Then one day…

Yuki: “…you.”
Decade: “Hmm? You calling me?”

Yuki: “You…like books?”
Decade: “Well, I don’t really read, but I don’t hate them either…hahaha…”

Yuki: “Then, a present.”
Decade: “Eh? What’s up with the sudden…?”

Yuki: “Here, help yourself.”
Decade: “Aahh! It changed!!”

And so, that was how Decade got his RideBooker.
Decade: “Hmmm…looks kinda cool.”

Urataros: “And that, is a tale of Decade.”
Haruhi: “Onore (Damn you), Decade!”
Decade: “You believe that kind of bullshit story!?”


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