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Everyone Needs A Little Fireworks In His/Her Life…

…and now you can get your dose every week at Universal Studios Singapore at the impossible fee of $5 for its after-hours operation on Fridays and Saturdays, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm!

OK, sounds like I’m in marketing or something. Anyways, after-hours operation means that no rides nor shows are available during that time period, and only select movies, different every week, would be screening in the Pantages theatre.
Stores and most restaurants would still be open within the open areas, and so the usual rules of the park applies: no outside food and beverages allowed within the park premises (and yes, Garrett and Hershey’s are outside the park, aren’t they?), and do keep your tickets for reentries into the park after exit.
And keep your frustrations to yourselves if you intend to queue up for entry like, half an hour before 7pm. The turnstiles won’t speed up just because you are there whining. Just come around 15 minutes later. Nothing to miss out, and fuss-free. 🙂

And I now present, the best part (to me) of the after-hours operation: the fireworks. Happens at 10:00pm and maybe later, depending on the duration of the movie-of-the-day at the Pantages (you gotta be fair to everyone~)

Photos edited with Photoshop. I’m using but a poor man’s camera after all…


One response to “Everyone Needs A Little Fireworks In His/Her Life…

  1. zoey Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 1026

    is nice! how r u recently? take care

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