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Frakking Ripoff

Jay Chou’s Pandamen (熊猫人) is a frakking ripoff of Ishinomori Shoutarou’s Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー), sans the iconic belt.

Oh well, I guess fans of Jay Chou would be too ignorant to notice. And they would continue to degrade Kamen Rider as a dumb children show and Pandamen as something out of this world.
Talk about irony.


7 responses to “Frakking Ripoff

  1. Grimmer Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 624

    Come on, it’s not even close…
    only clear similarity is the dangling of a red shawl-ish thing.
    Pretty much every ‘superhero’ has got an armor made out of a latex/plastic compound.

    I don’t know either of those characters and frankly, those suits invoke laughter and pity instead of the fear and awe you’d want to inspire. Though I’m willing to forgive the one on the left, seeing as it is the original…by which I assume it sprang from the sad and tasteless age called the 70’s…people didn’t know better.

    • MavericK Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 1744

      Not even close?

      Firstly, EVERY superhero has an armor made out of latex/plastic compound? Let’s see:
      Ultraman? You get the credit for this. Super Sentai? Nope. Spandex for this. Let’s head over to the western ones.
      Spiderman? Nope. Iron Man: Just refer to his name. X-men? Depends on which generation of the team you’re talking about. Hulk? He only has bottoms on.
      More spandex for American heroes!!

      And by the way, the two depicted above, are wearing leather. Not rubber.

      Let me list the similarities:
      – Headgear
      – Leather outfit
      – Gloves
      – Boots
      – Muffler/Scarf (Not a shawl)
      – Knee guards
      – Shoulder guards

      Why didn’t he mimic Superman instead, and let Pandaman wear black full-body tights, with white undies outside and a white cape? He already has the emblem on his chest anyway~

      About the inspiration factor, I suppose you’ve never watch any cartoons or programs made for children back in your childhood, have you? Of course, the costumes are ridiculous, but people who grew up with these heroes are able to relate to them from their childhood memories. (And if you wanna talk about being ridiculous, Superman’s probably very high on the list.) As with the ‘polite’ comment below, people who do not know about them probably don’t care, but does that mean one can capitalize on this fact and make a mockery or imitation from such memorable, if not legendary to a certain extent, characters and stories?

  2. alafista Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 2208

    RAWR!! I shall henshin into shadow moon and kick pandamen butt

  3. Yiming Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 2208

    Dude, jay Chou fans won’t even bother about what Kamen Rider is.

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