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Blabbering of a Fool

D.I.Y. Project II.5

Why 2.5? Cuz this rack is almost exactly the same as the one done yesterday, albeit with a few adjustments.

Having sawed off one corner off the planks (you’ll know why later), small areas had to be hacked off next.
This one’s the hardest, since I dun have the proper tools for cutting this.

Fact: My ‘Oi-kun’ solved the problem by chomping it away for lunch.

Myth: I had to saw ‘diagonally’ to allow space for my mini-saw to finish the job,

And it’s all done for the planks!

This time, no nails were used. Only glue.
Leaving it in the evening sun to help speed things up…

…while I helped to babysit this kid.
If you can still remember, how he has grown!

Random shots of the apartment blocks in my neighborhood.

In case you were wondering, the kid was playing with this,
the latest craze to infect very young boys locally.

Time to put it where it belongs! Understand why I had to hack one corner off?

And~ to put it to good use.

Why remove my S.I.C.s from the glass cabinet?
That would be for another post, next time. 🙂


One response to “D.I.Y. Project II.5

  1. alafista Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 946

    Careful. They might fall my break their necks! My ryutaros broke his neck that way >_<

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