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D.I.Y. Project II

It’s the holidays! What better way to spend it than doing some D.I.Y. work?
(Well, seriously, there ARE better ways… O_o )

This one isn’t for myself, but on a request by my mum. 😀

Teaching my ‘Oi-kun’ how to saw.

He helped by chomping through the planks instead.

Now to apply glue to the legs.

Leaving to dry, an approximate 30 minutes-1 hour duration as instructed.
Of course, not going to use just glue to hold everything together.

Had applied some wallpaper-like sticker onto the planks, giving it a nicer, darker surface.
Didn’t take any pictures for that. 😛 (Anyone know what it’s called)

Reinforced with nails!! Can you detect a ‘defect’?

And finally, put it to use!
Now my mum can place stuff under the fan instead of all over the sofa. 🙂

Need to add another level to this rack, but I shall leave it for another time when I get the extra plank.
Gotta work on my own rack next!!


2 responses to “D.I.Y. Project II

  1. josephine Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 1432

    You are super innovative and creative-made your own rack!
    I think you may wanna start another ikea-“inspired” furniture business! ^_^

  2. scorchnroses Saturday, December 19, 2009 at 053

    Wow! Neat and is very convenient. I have something like that rack beside my sofa and it’s for the phone :3

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