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Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Part III

~Continued from Part II

The last part of my write-up on the annual event!!

Bandai balloon. でけぇ~

Machine Robo Mugenbine. I should really get myself one set of these

One Piece merchandise, together with...

...Dragon Ball ones. JUMP section I suppose?

S.O.C. EVA Unit-01. A supposedly new improved model

I didn't catch what line of figures these are, but...

...they are adorable and intricately detailed

Den-O cuties

Tatsunoko booth, featuring Casshern Sins

Character biographies

Awesome poster of KARAS as well

'Mirai-chan' Alodia & 'Beanie' Danny

'Beanie' Kodomut, a motherly figure, together with Ederuferuto

Who could have missed this massive showcase of the lovely Mirai-chan? I did (since I only took this shot on the second day~)

Did I mention that the cosplayers this year have really improved?

From left: President of BushiRoad, Mr Kitani; seiyuu for Takeshi (Weiss Schwartz), Nakamoto Nobuhisa (The Mash); seiyuu for Michi (Weiss Schwartz), Kitta Izumi; and incredible host, Reiko

And that’s it for my ‘coverage’! (If this could be considered as one in the first place~)

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-Berribunz Studio- (Dcal)

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6 responses to “Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Part III

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  2. zh3us Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 1257

    Reiko was really incredible! ^^;

    don’t you find SOC Eva a little weird? O_O

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