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Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Part I

Yes, as the slogan for the event writes, it was time once again for the Anime Festival Asia 2009!
And just how could I have given this even t a miss, with guests like renowned cosplayers Kaname, Alodia, and not forgetting, Mr. Danny Choo himself? 😀

Still using the same old lousy (as commented by YuKi-To himself) camera as last year’s, so…forgive the badly taken pictures. m(_ _)m

This year’s event was, in my opinion, of a grander scale, with more focus on the culture of Japanese animation rather than the merchandise. Which I’m not complaining, since I’m broke; I got what I wanted nevertheless. ^^ Booths are well-distinct from one another, unlike last year’s when you could simply slip into another exhibition booth unknowingly. That also means much detours had to be made to travel from place to place; however there seems to be more room for movement this time round too. One qualm I had about the placement is that of Danny Choo’s booth (sorry~), which was situated right by the entrance/exit to the concert area. There were moments when people from the concert area could not exit because of the blockade formed by the crowd gathering around the booth.

I thought the ‘partitioning’ of the concert area was a good one; however from my observations, it did result in a massive reduction in the presence of audiences for several stage events like the Extravaganza and BAKUC prize presentations, as compared to last year’s.

Several new interesting booths were set up, like one with the karaoke machine where anime fans could sing their hearts out with their favorite anime jingles. The Animax voice-acting booth was present as well; had wished it was of bigger scale, cuz I wanted to go play try my hand at voice-acting, but the queue was too long. 😦

And oh, moving the focus away from the event itself, I see a GREAT deal of improvement in local cosplayers. Most were seriously jaw-dropping. This is a good sign!!!

Well, enough of words, here are the (terrible) photos. 🙂

The first stop for many visitors: the dannychoo.com booth, and the star attraction - figma Suenaga Mirai! And Kodomut's very own customized Itachari bicycle!!

A closer shot at the itachari.

Staple figures in every figure show. Love Nagato nevertheless.

The audience in wait to support their favorite team for the cosplay competition.

The only possible shot of Kaname for me. -_-'''

The lovely hosts for the event. Ms Reiko (left) is very, very professional. And pretty too.

Malaysia's cosplay team, Sakai no Gumi. They did a Code Geass parody.

Gundam cosplay, by one of Singapore's two cosplay team. Very cool, though stiff.

Team from Philipines, featuring Alodia and Ashley. Audiences around (and including) me were amazed by the lighting effects of the costumes.

Not part of the cosplay event, but Mr. Danny giving a talk about himself, his company, his site, and his hobbies. I should learn to be an orator like him.

The concert stage area. Where I'm standing at was the public standing area for the Anisong concerts, or for the poor blokes who cannot afford the tickets. Like me. 😦

Sniper action Nyanko-senpai.

Beanie Kodomut.

YuKi-To working his magic.

Dcal going a-snapping away~

One more to the list of uses for the MacBook Pro.

Continue to Part II~

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3 responses to “Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Part I

  1. LEon Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at 2322

    Thank you for the link. I have link to you over at my AFA post too!

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