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What does a council stand for?

Student council presidential election is over.

The results were actually what I had expected from the start, nevertheless, I voted.
For whom I thought could be a better candidate.

What? I dunno about the qualities of the other party?
Oh, that’s right, that’s because I (and my friends as well) received no form of campaign activity whatsoever from that party.
So even if the candidate I voted for didn’t have a remarkable speech or campaign, I got to see the candidate in action at least.

I thought the election was flawed. One-sided.
I wasn’t the only one.

What? I dunno about the operations within the council, or the candidates themselves?
Oh, that’s right, that’s because we are so detached from the council.
The door of the council room is closed at all times, separating the council from the student body.

Almost one year in UB. I see no efforts made by the council to bridge with the student body.
Events were organized? Yeah, I know, but they appeal to only one particular group of the entire UB student population: those who enjoy partying and booze. Biased? Maybe I am, but that’s all I see from photos of past events. Even the ‘Red Carpet Affair’ isn’t so ‘red-carpet’ after all.
What about the other individuals and groups? People with different interests, different concerns?

As for the election, there was actually not much campaigning done. Most of the supporters of the candidates I observed were members of the council themselves, or really close friends.
I dun think the entire student body consists of such a small number.

What? Because we can’t be bothered?
True, but isn’t it one of the duties of the council? To get us connected to school affairs?

Anyway, all the best to the new council president.
My hopes, no matter how little it might be, are pinned on you now.


A reply to this, and a reply from myself

Dude as a candidate, I did my best. And i believe some of u tagged in this note supported me but i wont agree that the elections was flawed one.

Besides I dont wish to mention names, but I asked someone who is tagged in this note, “HAVE u voted?” and the reply was “No, havent, I am lazy”.

So it kind of like my 4 days worth of visiting class to campaign went to waste. …

Anyway All i wanted to be the voice for u guys. but simply no one is bothered these days.

So, I would rather finish my mission which is to get good grades and mind my own business.

My total no of votes was 83. So I am glad I was able to reach out to 83 people.

In the future if people say the council is not doing their job, then my as well ask them to try standing for elections to make a change cause that’s what i did. And if i got 83 votes, i believe the people complaining better do a good job than me in their campaigning.

I respect and still respect my opponent, ….. If ….’s able to garner more votes than me , means to show that …. experience and …. reach to …. students is way higher than mine.

Morale of the story:
I dont complain, i rather get into the action and solve it.
In this case, I get into action, but I met 3 types of groups:

One group who doesnt give a shit and complain
One group who thinks the council is smooth and change is not needed
One group who wanted their voice to be heard.

Anyway Marcus nice note 😉 hope it reaches out

Mine: Yo, dun get me wrong. I did not write that your campaign was half-assed (to put it crudely). Just felt it can be better, and from comments I heard from supporters of the other party, that seemed to be the case.

Nevertheless, I know you’re giving it your all. =D

And by flawed, I dun mean by how the votes were gotten or whatsoever. Maybe that shouldn’t be the word to use, more of an ‘imbalance’….

And on the general UB student population being ‘not bothered’ by this election. There’s this saying about bystanders seeing the clearest of situations (rough translation here). This may sound hurtful, but seriously, I wasn’t really stirred. My group of friends weren’t either, and I’m unable to speak for the others. Since you have been involved in the campaigning from the very start, obviously things seemed to happen very rapidly for you and such, but we, the audience whose awareness was to be raised for it, received not much exposure whatsoever, except for the posters around school, FB groups, videos, etc.. Why are we blamed for insensitivity when we dun even know what we should be talking about?

Well, about garnering more votes than the other, I’ll use the videos as an example. The way I see it, most of the campaigning was done with intakes, cohorts, and council. BAC4 (Spring), my intake, we aren’t sure about anything from start to end of the election period, except those in the council. Campaigning, IMO, needs to reach far and wide, to make things more ‘objective’, or so to speak.

And about those who want change should go for practical action, every student has his/her concerns which is to be addressed or solved. Does that mean all of us should go for the election as well? Shouldn’t the council take this complaints as feedback, and work on them, instead of dissing them all away and challenging the students to take their places? Is it going a bit too political there?

Anyway, want you to know, bro, I voted for you because I could really feel you wanted change the way I had wished for; a resonance there. =D
This nevertheless is a priceless life experience, and let us continue working together as students of UB.

BUT HEY! You graduate earlier than me!!


2 responses to “What does a council stand for?

  1. Elena Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 2205

    That is one “on-the-spot” commentary on our student council election. Hey, I didn’t even know who were the candidates, much less what were their visions & missions or what kind of person they are. How do you expect me to cast a vote?

    I’m not participating in the election because I have not a single clue whom to choose, not because I don’t give a damn about the whole council thing. So far, only one candidate was nice enough to go to lectures and present his campaign. Others.. Well, if posters and videos alone could explain one’s self (granted that those reached PEOPLE’s eyes and ears!), I should not even bother introducing myself to someone I meet and try to get to know them next time. Just hand them a poster and let them watch a video. Easy pea. And they’ll certainly understand who I am.

    And I passionately agree with you on the note that UB council has not given its best effort to bring the WHOLE student body together. Sometimes, I feel like we are alienated from some particular groups that are ‘connected’ with the council and the UB fun life. Almost all events were targeted at those people. What and who are we, then? *cold wind blows*

    A six-pence-worth of thought from me…
    No offense to whomever it might concern. Just an opinion from a crazy woman who hoped for the better. May UB council prosper and do their utmost to serve the whole student body… The force be with you!

  2. jas Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 451

    Agree! Hell, I didn’t even know much about the elections or the candidates themselves.

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