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Toy collectors’ meet-up + 夏祭り@The Japanese School (Primary)

Warning! Photo intensive!!

22-10“Futatsu no koe kasanaru toki…”

Yes, once again, another meet-up with the various local toy collectors.
Dcal, Nyanko-senpai, Kodomut, Zh3us from the last meet-up were present, and some other new ‘additions’ to this new meet-up, including Ederuferuto and Yuki-to.

22-01Eh…other than Nyanko-senpai, I can’t recognize the others in this photo… 😛

22-02Just a few of their immense collections they had brought~

22-03Well, I dunno who who they were, but apparently even WOW card players were present

22-04Kodomut once again hard at work in creating the picture-perfect moment, with Yuki-to as the official witness
Gotta thank Yuki-to for helping me get 4 awesome Ganbaride cards from his trip to Japan!!

22-05Close-up on the ‘set-up’, which Kodomut is planning something nasty…

22-06The fountain at the basement of The Cathay
For interesting note, this girl (basically, girls who carry this……’look’) caught my attention

22-07The meisters doing their ‘thing’…

22-08…while Momotaros entertains Delta (!?) and Imoko with his single rendition of Double-Action

22-09Imoko seems happy enough, while Delta…gee, I can’t tell~

22-11After being chased from the premises, we moved to Istana Park opposite Plaza Singapura
You can see Zh3us and scorchnroses (tell me if I got your name wrong 😛 ) here creating their own yurifigma portraits

22-12I wonder why the wide spread?

22-13Merely hours upon reaching the hands of Kodomut… -_-”’

22-14Saber, looking ever so awesome~~
Belongs not to me, but to KW! Owww~

22-15Just how far Kodomut would go to get his shots…*applaud*

22-16While waiting for the bus to The Japanese School, we saw this weird-looking kite
By New Urban Male? Is it looking for the ‘moon’?

22-17Finally got into the school after a long period of queuing…this is the first thing you will see

22-18Don’t ask me why I took a shot of this

22-19Candies that can help you pass your exams
Wouldn’t that make exams redundant? (I should have gotten some for my Japanese exam on Tues!!)

22-20Water balloon ‘fishing’
Now where are the goldfishes…

22-21‘People Mountain People Sea’
And there’s a playground in their school compound!!

22-22Final preparations being done to the stage for the big night…and already it’s so crowded

22-23Event start! Or started……
Lots of dancing…even to Korean/Chinese tracks!?

22-24A closer shot down at the field/grounds

22-25Very bright indeed
Or maybe it’s just that my camera stinks

22-26The Albirex Niigata Soccer Club on stage
Not a fan of soccer anyway, so hmmmm…but could hear the girls going crazy over them

22-27The much awaited ‘Bon Odori’ performance

22-28And the performers then taught and engaged the audience in their dance!
Circled: Looking good! From far anyway~

Well, it’s my first time at the Natsu Matsuri at The Japanese School, so everything is all so fresh and interesting to me.
Only regret was that I couldn’t my hands on the Kamen Rider masks (namely Rider #1/2 and Decade) that were sold there, because we were too late!!

And oh, look at the time~ time to KO!!!


16 responses to “Toy collectors’ meet-up + 夏祭り@The Japanese School (Primary)

  1. deno4144 Monday, October 5, 2009 at 1516

    No!!! Miyafuji-chan!!!!!!!!! XD

  2. MavericK Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 2225

    Made the necessary changes!! 😛

    And lol…seems like the identity of Brian has been confused among us.
    (No worries, Brian, I know you are THE Ederuferuto now! 😀 )

  3. scorchnroses Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 1751

    The one in red Everlast shirt beside Zh3us is me >.< Brian's the one in yellow shirt xD

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  5. dcal Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 1510

    BTW, guy in red tee at the Istana park is Scorchnroses. ^^ Brian isn’t in any of the pics (he was the dude in the white tee who had the awesome mini umbrella.)

    I totally loved the first pic. Makes me want to go for a karaoke session~!

  6. KW Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 1454

    I’m sure my delta enjoys your singing =D, nice photos btw!

  7. Ederuferuto Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 1212

    There’s no Brian in there! You mistook me for someone else ^^;

  8. scorchnroses Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 1025

    Great photos! So that’s where you went off to in the Matsuri :3

    Btw, those two playing WOW cardgames are my friends who just happened to pass by haha xD

  9. kodomut Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 918

    Looking good indeed!

    I think you took the most humans during our meetup. Nice! I didn’t manage to take a single “at work” picture

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