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Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention + Night Shoot (150909)

As the title suggests, it’s a trip down to the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC), together with good ol’ Kodomut.
Let the (lousy) pictures do the ‘talking’. 行くぜ!

DSCF4202Plush animals, just like a plush zoo, by the Singapore Zoo

DSCF4204The many different decorated Storm Trooper helmets featured by
the Singapore Garrison The 501st Legion

DSCF4207What’s a toy convention without toys?

DSCF4224A cool major display stand of Snake Eyes
The toys don’t even come close though

DSCF4230A Bumblebee cosplayer. Pretty sleek~

Then joined Kodomut in his meetup with his fellow Nendoroid enthusiasts, which included dcal and Zh3us, who were having a photo shoot with their ‘children’ at the event. Awesome.

DSCF4233The many goodies Kodomut’s comrades brought along with them for the shoot

After that, I went along with Kodomut and Zh3us to meet Alafista, a well-known local blogger, for a night photo shoot with their Nendoroids which were selected in polls in their respective blogs.

DSCF4312From left: Kodomut, Zh3us, Alafista

DSCF4240Hard at ‘work’~

More photos here, and even more BETTER taken ones at their respective blogs (the links are above)!!

In anyway, it’s been a fun day with Kodomut, and to have met Zh3us and Alafista (who is also into Kamen Rider as well!! 😀 )

Edit: A continuation!!

Seriously speaking, there isn’t much merchandise ‘to die for’ in the convention. However, the layout and the displays of the respective booths are nicely done, “even better than last year’s”, as commented by others who went to the convention in the previous year (I didn’t. 😛 )
Anyway, I spent most of my time at the convention with Kodomut and the ‘We love NENDOROIDS’ crew (hope they dun mind me addressing them as that~). So basically, I was sticking out like a sore thumb; I was the only one who’s into fairly proportional figurines which hide behind masks, while the rest were devoted to chibi females oozing with cuteness. 😛
But heck, it was interesting to observe them engrossed in their respective photo shoots, and the topics of their conversations. And who can ever complain about meeting new friends!? 😀

Needs to get this off my chest: Saw the Megumi-cosplayer back at the Cos-Fest earlier this year at the convention. Simply amazing…to see a female Kamen Rider fan in the flesh, again! (And she looks good in pink.)

The night shoot later in the…night, was a first for me. Got to see the prowess of Kodomut and Alafista, with their arsenal of cameras and Nendoroids, which was awesome. And the many interesting conversations shared during the entire trip (Zh3us and his endless knowledge about anime, something which I have not kept up with ever since the Odex saga; and with Alafista on K-K-K-Kamen Rider stuff!)
And of course, I got to see a side of Singapore consisting of many, MANY artificial lights. Now I can somewhat understand the feelings of BK201 and the characters in Darker than Black.

Kinda looking forward to join Kodomut and his next ‘adventure’ in toy photo shoots…but I’ll be just sticking like a sore thumb again, wouldn’t I? 😛


4 responses to “Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention + Night Shoot (150909)

  1. zh3us Monday, August 17, 2009 at 052

    D=!! my pic is there!!

  2. kodomut Monday, August 17, 2009 at 023

    Come join us next time. The moar the merrier! + momotaraus make good guest appearances :3

  3. LEon Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 1050

    Nice night shots! What cam are you using? There’s only Bumblebee cosplayers there that day?

    • MavericK Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 2341

      Hi LEon! Sorry for the late reply. 😛

      Thanks for the compliment! But I was really ‘anyhow’ taking them. 😛
      I’m just using a FujiFilm FinePix V10, with no knowledge as to how I can configure it in any ways possible. 😛

      And no, there were a lot more cosplayers, like Poison Ivy, Batman, a sensual/sexy version of Freddy Kruger etc.. But I only took photos of Bumblebee. Heh heh~ *sweat*

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