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I read a very stupid and brainless comment in the papers yesterday.
Just shows how much Singaporeans are @_@.

A lady commented about how despite the actress in the Japanese version of Hana yori Dango (Mao Inoue) being prettier (huh?) than the one in the Korean version, the story of the latter version is better (Huh?) and it has prettier settings (HUH!?).


What. The. F***.

It’s like comparing your left boob/’ball’ to your right one, and then saying that one is better than the other just because it has less wrinkles and you applied more body foam on it.
C’mon, they are essentially the same thing~~!

And I dun agree with the comment about the Mao Inoue being prettier than the Korean actress. Despite my general dislike towards anything Korea, both are pretty in their own way.
It’s so obvious that part of the comment is to appease anyone who may be offended.

Image via Neta Michelin.


4 responses to “Huh?

  1. oniyuri-sama Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 034

    hello there! =D was browsing around your blog =) interesting stuff u got here =D is it ok if i add u on msn fellow singaporean? XD hehe

  2. kodomut Friday, June 12, 2009 at 1732

    waiting for the Nendoroid version~

  3. xuannie Friday, June 12, 2009 at 1553

    they shouldn’t even compare lo..
    although to me japanese one will always be better juz because i’m biased… 😛

    but i think even the tv channels are being biased. they aired the taiwan version and the korean version but did not air the japanese version. >.>

    and seriously you should not compare a show juz by the actors/actress looks lo…even if they look better…i bet the story is as boring as usual cuz its the same old storyline but koreans have a knack of making things even more boring.

    Just look at “My Boss My Hero”. The movie was so boring but yet the japanese drama can be so hella funny.

    (biased views already…lalalala~~~~*dance around with tegoshi and millions other japanese cute/hunky actors*)

    maybe it’s just me lo…
    everyone is going kpop/kdrama these days…
    even my friend who used to be jpop/jdrama went over to the korean fandom.
    now her blogpost are always abt some joo yi sun or jyun ku (wadever-cuz-i-dun-bother-to-remember their names)

    • MavericK Friday, June 12, 2009 at 1606

      Oh well, being fellow Communications student, we know how the media functions, eh?

      Oh well, Singapore doesn’t really have much of a unique culture, so when anything seems ’superior’/’better’, almost everyone flock to adopt that.

      And I’ve never bothered with the original MBMH movie, but the Japanese drama’s definitely hilarious.
      Also, I think the names include a ‘yit mah shuu’ or something. =D

      But there is still hope!!
      Zettai Kareshi’s coming~~

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