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Distant Worlds:Extended!

DSCN9699Sorry for the ‘flashy’ background~

Been to Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy concert on Friday.
Awesome performance~
And we all got to see the great Uematsu Nobuo-sensei in the flesh~~ 😀

The programme for that night:

  • Liberi Fatali – Final Fantasy VIII
  • To Zanarkand – Final Fantasy X
  • Don’t be Afraid – Final Fantasy VIII
  • Aerith’s Theme – Final Fantasy VII
  • Medley 2002 – Final Fantasy I-III
  • Dear Friends – Final Fantasy V
  • Vamo’ alla Flamenco – Final Fantasy IX
  • Ronfaure – Final Fantasy XI
  • Main Theme – Final Fantasy series
  • Opening~Bombing Mission – Final Fantasy VII
  • Fisherman’s Horizon – Final Fantasy VIII
  • Memoro de la Stono~Distant Worlds – Final Fantasy XI
  • Theme of Love – Final Fantasy IV
  • Swing de Chocobo – Final Fantasy series
  • Love Grows – Final Fantasy VIII
  • Opera “Maria and Draco” – Final Fantasy VI
  • Terra’s Theme – Final Fantasy VI
  • One-Winged Angel – Final Fantasy VII

Indeed, no concert featuring Final Fantasy music will be complete without One-Winged Angel.
Uematsu-sensei, though having not conducted any of the pieces that night, gave a wonderful performance  nevertheless to everyone present by singing along with the choir to One-Winged Angel.

Now, all that was needed to make everything complete will be the appearance of The Black Mages.
(Sadly, that would require the permission of Square Enix, according to Uematsu-sensei)

Oh well, Uematsu-sensei and Mr. Arnie Roth were very much entertaining. Looking forward to a next one!


And yup, that’s all I got from the concert.
Regretting not getting the CD as well~~ *bangs wall*

For those who can’t enough of Final Fantasy music:
(These are Tour de Japon performances though)

ザナルカンドにて/To Zanarkand

愛のテーマ/Theme of Love



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