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Blabbering of a Fool


Perhaps you have noticed a change in theme used for this good ol’ blog of mine.
(You should.)

Anyway, going for a less ‘showy’ feel of things…after all, true happiness is the sense of contentment.

And anyway, to ‘do justice to my blog’, as said by kodomut (laugh), here is (my) justice served~:


Here’s my study area at home.
Managed to clear a portion of my tabletop away…though it kinda isn’t what it looked like in the picture right now.


And this is the mess cleared away. It’s still there. 😛


Random shot I took while having an outside study session with my fellow UB mates.
Though ashamed to point out, I never used my textbooks much for revision. They were only used to add to the weight of my bag.


And this is kodomut ‘hard at work’ during yesterday’s photo shoot.
He almost had his eyes fried. I heard sizzling. 🙂


His light-box setup. Works like a charm.
And yes, that is Deathscythe’s scythe Faiz is holding, if you were wondering.


kodomut’s recently acquired babies. Or babes.
Check out his photos at his Flickr account.


Some ‘decor’ around in his room.
I really like the Cyclops art. Done freehand, with just a Pilot G-Tec.


And~ his study table. I want something like that too~
And oh, all we know about the girl on his desktop, is that the image’s titled ‘JpGirl_10’.
Did I get that right?


2 responses to “Revamp!

  1. baseguardian Monday, April 27, 2009 at 2114

    Nice header, Decade is now in my favorite KR list 😆

  2. Litespeed Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 2045

    Looks great so far! Keep up the good work.

    And that light box is pretty amazing. What a great study table too. ^^

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