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Blabbering of a Fool

Procrastination post

I’m supposed to be working on my comm blog, plus my ESL essay.
But there I was, lying on my mattress and dozing off…and now here I am, writing about nothings.

I like. Yet I dread.

Anyway, had supper with Waltz and a limping Kodomut yesterday, at Toa Payoh. Waltz, being the saint of love, went a-visiting to his love at her doorstep. And Kodomut and I played Cupid!…not. Waited in the car.
I’m not complaining. 🙂
Anyway, supper last night made me realize how much I have not been to the Toa Payoh neighborhood. And though the food wasn’t good, it was satisfying.
I’m starting to feel that anything you do, when you do it with family and friends, they become satisfying.

Oh yeah, there was an awesome sight last night as well. On our way to the market for supper, we saw this delivery car in the carpark. The engine was running, yet no one was at the wheel, nor outside.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, B1?”
“I think I am, B2!”
Something kinky was going on at the back of the car~~

It’s been 1 month for me in UB now, and it’s been so far, so good.
The group I usually hang out with are a bunch of insane people indeed (LOL), making every school day for me a crazy one. Haha… Kudos to them!
And of course, I hope I’ll be able to know the rest of the people in our cohort as well!

Speaking of which…I feel I’ve become less…wary of how people look at me on first sight.
Maybe that’s why my image is going a very twisted direction during COM101 classes…haha!

Thoughts no longer gathered…ending here!!


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