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I do not Write (yet?), but Criticize

I just realized I’m more of a critique and not much of a writer.

_| ̄|O”‘

Anyway, had an interesting conversation yesterday.
Remember about a HK friend I had come to know from Facebook (or more specifically, Elven Blood)?
It had been some time since we had an online conversation, and so I was rather surprised at her initiation to chat.

To think she would wanna pour her troubles to me about her relationship with her boyfriend.
HEY! I’m not complaining about her trying to share her troubles! It’s just that I’m totally inexperienced in such matters and so I found it to be rather…amusing. Still, glad to be of service in any way, I guess.

So anyway, I dun think I had helped in anyway except in being someone whom you can vent your frustrations and troubles at…so yeah, if you need a trash can where you can dump your negative feelings or anything, you can try me. For constructive suggestions, I’m still on probation. 😀

I really need to buck up on my writing.  ≡( ゚Д゚)


One response to “I do not Write (yet?), but Criticize

  1. zoey Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 1206

    hei.. u have facebook ah.. wan too add u can?

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