Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Was back at my secondary school after donkey years for a homecoming event.
It was great yet terrible at the same time.
The great thing was, we got to see our ex-class/schoolmates after the same donkey years, and not forgetting the most important people, our teachers.
What was real shitty was that after the same donkey years, some teachers do not learn the meaning of ‘short attention span’ from the audience and kept on running a solo show.

Hey, our chatter may have been noise to their ears, but their show was the same to ours.

But oh well, that was the only misgiving I had for the superb event.
For some reason, I had thought of a better of running the show…well, in my opinion anyway:

They do remember having classrooms in their premises, dun they? So they should probably have the first hour of the homecoming putting everyone in classrooms together with their batch mates, so that everyone can have their fill of reminiscences and mingling. After that, then do they ask the guests to the hall for whatever events there may be…everyone should have at least got half of what they wanted to share with their friends done by then, and so their attention can go to the show instead.

Come to think of it, is there some kind of medium where I can suggest this?
Not that I’m expecting another homecoming anytime soon.

Anyway, I think I’m being followed by some spirit, or I’m having some kind of dark shadow on my forehead. For the past week, I’d been asked by many people this question: “What’s wrong?”
And there I was, quietly drinking my cup of water, or just walking with eyes staring right in front.

Eh, guess I’ll apologize for having a down-in-the-dumps face…?

2008122904The real 天照 (Amaterasu – reference to Naruto)
From ねたミシュラン


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