Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

First Day


First things first! 手に入れた!
STEREO PONY’s very first single!!
Now to wait for their second, 泪のムコウ (Namida no Mukou). 🙂

Anyway, had my first day of school today.
New system really got my mind wrecking…but gonna get through…I hope.

Finally getting a little tanned (a little vain here, huh?)…love swimming when the sun is blazing…wonder why Waltz doesn’t like the sun.

During the Christmas period, no mood of joy. During the New Year period, no mood of anticipation.
Now in the CNY period, no mood of festivity. Wonder if this is something to do with the coming of age…or just that I can’t be bothered with anything else…?

My social skills are seriously lacking. So is my self-esteem. And the wondrous thing is, I know about it, yet doing nothing about it. Am I skilled or what? 😀

Short day for me tomorrow, so I expect myself updating here!! (After a session of self-forced mugging)

2008122505The secret level of Super Mario no one has ever attempted.
From ねたミシュラン

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