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Last Post of 2008, & Lessons Learned

良いお年を!Happy New Year!

Listing them out as they pass along my head, like a train zooming past the platform without stopping.

  • Forgive and accept, yet never forgotten. (Nearly-a-Decade Gathering)
  • Friends will never really be forgotten, only unexpected at times. (Nearly-a-Decade Gathering)
  • Not all board games are ‘bored’ games. (Nearly-a Decade Gathering)
  • Coca-Cola with Absolut Vodka tastes like cough medicine. Or was it cognac? (Meat-&-Games session at Kodomut’s)
  • Citadels is good stuff. And I dun see no greater good at all, even now. (Meat-&-Games session at Kodomut’s)
  • Fast friends are so very real! (Aoba Language Centre)
  • One cannot have every thing he/she desires. If not, the river will be dried out before the water can even reach the seas. (In my case, my toy-collecting hobby.)
  • How perfect 安室 奈美絵 (Amuro Namie) can be. (A window-shopping session at HMV)
  • How cute guitar-wielding girls can be. (YUI, AIMI)
  • Not all Western cartoons are bullshit. (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • How freaking expensive education can be! (Think of it as an investment…think of it as an investment…think of it as an investment…)
  • Deep has the Korean craze ‘poison’ seeped into the society, and the world. (Hate me, people.)
  • How blood can be diluted by money, and float on water. (CLASSIFIED)
  • Confused by the many sides of me. Which is a real me? (At home, alone, with friends, Nearly-a-Decade Gathering)
  • Embrace all sides of me, and not to differentiate them out. (This just hit me!)
  • The Wii is a hybrid between an exercise equipment and gaming console. (Rayman: Raving Rabbids – TV Party session at Walter’s)
  • I still love Final Fantasy. (Restarted on my FFXII)
  • It’s not called studying if you are loving the subject. It’s understanding. (AOBA Language Centre)
  • I have 2 left feet. And reverse-parking is hard. Pallarel would probably kill me. (Sim’s Driving…Hub…or something)
  • How you are your own individual, and you dun have to listen to everyone’s opinion like a dog. (Many instances for this)
  • I am very gullible. (*sigh* for this)
  • Spending a little more for a haircut in a salon once in a blue moon pays off. (A few weeks ago…trying mood)
  • How quickly my hair grows. (Haircut in salon)
  • I’m easily blinded by my heart to help those in need and are acquaintances. (Keeping this down)
  • Starting to look out for and buy apparel, and I apparently suck at it. (Help me anyone?)
  • I prefer swimming to running. (One has walls and the other dun)
  • ‘Violent’, or rude acts, are justified when you’re trying to alight the MRT train and you have imbeciles clogging your exit. (Shove away!!)
  • How I like to look at pretties and cuties while in the trains, instead of thinking too much. ( 😀 )
  • How I sometimes get stared/eyed/whatever by these people in the trains. (Sorry for being too ugly)
  • How deviated my definition of ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ can be from my friends’. (Not really a matter for me, not sharing my wife with anyone else anyway…if I’m marrying, that is)
  • How 絶望 (despair) can be so much fun. (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)
  • Trying something out before even making biased comments about whatever it may be. (Always in my mind now, this is)
  • How a job title can only remain as a title. (My 8-month part-time job stint)

That’s all which came up in my head.

It’s been donkey weeks since I had last updated this blog of mine…technically speaking, since I had left my horrible job. And boy, has it been fun to laze around with nothing planned. 🙂

About the Nearly-a-Decade Gathering, it was a meet-up with my primary school mates, after a period of 9 years. Many of us have not seen one another during this time, thus this title.
It was the one of the best days I’ve after had, truly.
Attendance was great, and everyone was definitely wasting no time to catch up with one another. (I, on the other hand, was playing the fool for the night. Haha) Well, I only know how to describe it in three words: I Want More. 😀

Definitely everyone will meet again, probably during CNY the period.

Due to impeccable luck, I have missed one Japanese class last week, and will miss one more tomorrow. I need to get back into my books!

Driving lessons are fun, though scary. (measured by the amount of sweat from my palms)
And I’m not even on the road yet!!

I’ve come to relive one dread of going back to school: waking up early. So far, I’ve only got the experience of sleeping early…like 2~3 am in the morning. 🙂

Next year’s the year of Kamen Rider Decade! Which reminds me, I need to get back to my Den-O and Kiva posts…just for closure. 🙂
And yeah, hope Gackt’s song for Decade interests me enough for me to post it here. Heh!

2008122501Have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday! Or whatever’s left of it…
From ねたミシュラン


4 responses to “Last Post of 2008, & Lessons Learned

  1. gneake Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 1816

    happy new year to you! thanks for your message. i went through our old sec 1 sec 2 photos just a couple of days ago. miss the fun times. hope you are well, and even though i don’t follow anime, i think your website is awesome!

  2. linhui Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 1714

    HAPPY NEW YRRRR! we should meet upp! tgt w walter and all! lol! =D take careeeeee!

  3. jo Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 1713

    Hi Marc!!
    Happy New Year!
    We long time nv had a gathering liao~

  4. tokyokid07 - when you fall, rise up one at a time. Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 837

    Happy New Years to you too, Thanks and wow your new years resolution list is very long. I’ve gotten half of my new years resolution done but need to do complete more, anyways enjoy the new year and stay healthy!

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