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A First for Me

Went for ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ yesterday with Kodomut and Tommy at Bishan.
Pretty decent movie, but the ending was WTF for 2 reasons:

  • It was too abrupt
  • Humankind did not deserve to survive…well, not everyone.

Anyway, we went window-shopping (Tommy was without the ‘window’).
Interestingly (for me anyway), we were looking at apparels…and Kodomut was on a slight frenzy looking at tops that suit me, while looking for stuff of his own.
Haha…and I thought only girls help one another in apparel shopping.

Guess I should learn how to dress up, like Kodomut and Tommy ol’ bro. 😛

I also learn something new yesterday; To get me to run long distances, bring me on a route I am totally unfamiliar with, and I have to ‘lan lan’ follow you throughout.
Went on a mad run (my speed was considered a jog) with Tommy later in the day…almost died (lol), some temple even burnt some goods for me liao lah!

And yeah, last night I was ‘overexposed’ to girls, thanks to Tommy (chick magnet) again. LOL


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