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仮面ライダーディケイド (Kamen Rider Decade)

Kamen Rider Decade

Meeting all the Riders, and fighting them!? That is Decade’s fate…

Kuuga’s world, Kiva’s world, Den-O’s world… The Kamen Rider worlds that used to exist in parallel to each other has begun to merge. The world is thrown into chaos, and enemies from each of the worlds begin appearing simultaneously. At this rate all the worlds will be destroyed.

Kadoya Tsukasa-tachi’s mission is to save the world… by leaving on a journey to the 9 other worlds.

What is the real goal behind this journey?

How can the world be saved?

Only one thing is known… Decade may be a being that will destroy all the other Riders.

Decade = Tsukasa, what is he? Shrouded in mystery, Tsukasa visits each of the Rider’s worlds, and meets each of the Riders…

—from the official website, translated by TV-Nihon

Kamen Rider Decade, the 10th Heisei Rider, apparently has the ability to access the forms of every previous Heisei Rider, from Kuuga to Kiva, with his DecaDriver by scanning the respective KamenRide cards.
And with his RideBooker, he also has access to the various techniques and finishing moves exclusive to the respective Riders.

Starts 25th January 2009!


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