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スカイ・クロラ (The Sky Crawlers)

永遠の子供たち – キルドレ

キルドレ (Kildren) – humans who will never grow old forever, and thus will not die, unless killed in battle.

函南 優一 (Kannami Yuuichi), an ace fighter pilot, arrives at his newly stationed Rostock air base, which now holds a total of 4 pilots and planes. upon arrival, he is requested to switch his plane with one docked in the base, and thus becomes curious about the previous pilot of it.
He eventually meets 草薙 水素 (Kusanagi Suito), command officer of the air base, and asks her if she is the same as themselves (pilots), a Kildren.
And thus everyday, the pilots tirelessly go on patrol and frequently engage in dogfights with pilots from an opposing competitor, Lautern. And for these Kildren, they can only crawl in the endless blue sky, for there are no ‘today’, ‘yesterday’, or ‘tomorrow’. There is only ‘live’ and ‘die’.
Despite the heavy duty they bear, normal grown adults mock these Kildren, often telling them to ‘grow up’. But only one question comes to mind for Yuuichi:

“Is there a need for us to grow up when we can die any day?”

This is one of the most beautiful films I have watched so far. A perfect blend of CG and 2D-animation. yet despite the stunning visuals it displays, the underlying plot and theme is jet-black, akin to 火垂るの墓 (Grave of the Fireflies). It portrays the human nature of judging thing by their exterior appearances, and delivers the message of how humans need something contradictory to ascertain the existence of something important.

Overall rating: 4.8/5 or 0/5.
This movie is not comprehensible to everyone, believe me. I watched it together with a group of 5 other friends…and we walked out with only me understanding it (the rest were apparently almost bored to tears). 😛



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