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Anime Festival Asia 2008 – Part III

“Come any closer, and I’ll bite!!”

On the BAKUC.

The Main Stage

The pretty emcee explaining BAKUC to ignorant fools like myself

The ‘mascot’ for BAKUC – BAKUCman
Seriously, get a new one.

That’s the (world?) champion of the previous BAKUC (I think), Mr Leon Ku
Yup, the same guy who had to build the Perfect Grade Gunpla in 2 days

The champion of the Open Category this year

Winner of some special prize for having his work being the most desired
by Mr Okawara Kunio, mechanical designer for Gundam

Mr Okawara explaining why he chose this guy’s (sorry, cannot remember the name) work

Closer shot of the BAKUCman
Could see he’s on a budget cut; he’s wearing Speedo…and in the wrong color

Yup, the handsome guy’s Andrew

And once again, trying to improve their image:

The boards were big

To me, if you can eventually deliver what you have promised in the first place, no problems at all…what’s past is past anyway…
But where were the representatives of Odex? Hiding in their kennels?

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