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Anime Festival Asia 2008 – Part II

“You ‘diao’ somemore, you die! Moar!!!”

Super random photos this time.

In case you’re wondering why 2 Batmans, the one on the right is from Batman Begins,
the left one is from The Dark Knight

Me is liking The Dark Knight more

Gundam Exia cosplay. Looks good, but moves like Lego

Weak point of Exia spotted!!

Interesting crossover

A live performance by (world?) champion to build a Perfect Grade Gunpla in 2 days

People Mountain People Sea

Dunno who this is, but I like

The gathering of the green-heads.

Me love Darth Vader. Me love Sith. Do you?

I always think of Pringles when I see the Shonen Jump pirate

This is blasphemy to D.M.C.!!! WTF is with their poses!?!?

Why Light is the only one crooked is something I dun wanna understand

This looks desirable

Facebank – they swallow your money
Wonder if there’s a ‘Excretion’ or ‘Throw Up’ button

I like the gleam off its shoulders

But that’s a way too corny pose to have!!

The security guard on duty that day…joking

One of the reasons why Power Rangers are sometimes ‘Epic Fail’

Comments for this part of the AFA:
Is this the STCC (Singapore Toy and Comic Convention) or AFA?


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