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Anime Festival Asia 2008 – Part I

“What are you staring at, punk?”

I let the pictures do the ‘talking’. A lot of it. 🙂
Right click, and view image for a bigger version. Not that they were well-taken…

Everyone’s favorite toy company

The setup featuring the entries for Bandai Action Kit Universal Cup (BAKUC)

Andrew’s, or better known as Ying Ru, entry work

Some previous winning entries

Gotta be my one of my favorite booths of all

Got ’em. Seriously, I can pose them better lah

WTF!? Why poor Domon is in that stupid pose?

Want ’em. Plus the Dark one behind

Like BLACKs’ poses…but Shadow Moon could be better

…I dunno whether to laugh or cry…

…but Ryuutaros forgives for the sake of these two!!

Think Agito was still trying to learn how to balance on Machine Tornader

Definitely the ‘best’ method to display your toys: Hide them behind a freaking sign
that contains erroneous information


Uncommon, and freaking expensive if found

American toymakers have fetishes for combining mecha.
Even if the series has none of such shit above

These are good stuff though

Bad poses again. But then, I’m not that good with Figma figures myself

Apparently, someone dislikes Mikuru enough to have her replaced by Emiri

I would like this one. But couldn’t find it anywhere
And what’s up with her pose again!?

Comments for this part of the AFA:
Is this the STCC (Singapore Toy and Comic Convention) or AFA?
Ben 10? Kamen Rider? They’re not anime!!
(Though technically speaking, ‘anime’ is just an abbreviation used by the Japanese for ‘animation’…but still…)


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