Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


I dun look too happy, do I?  ( ̄~ ̄)|||

The magic number, reached.

Dun feel magic at all though.

Anyway, there was a combined ‘birthday’ BBQ for my cousin, Melissa, Aunty Lina (spelled correctly?), and me on the 15th. Technically, it was Aunty Lina’s birthday that day, but our birthdays are close, so kinda did it all in one shot. Haha.
Gotta thank Aunt Judie for setting everything up, Aunt (?) Peggy (??) for the place, and those who turned up. =)
(Sorry Kok Yong! No photos with you!! Not that you wanna have my face next to yours in a photo anyway, but still…hehe)

Anyway, though it may be an excuse to consider it a birthday present to myself…hehe:

And so:

Now still lacking one more piece…gotta get from ‘botak’ fast man…haha…=P

Well, that’s all for now…until something pops into my head again…=)



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