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Probably a ‘fruitful’ month for me…

  • ‘Class gathering’ on FaceBook, because of some old, nostalgic photos
  • Acquired YUI’s “<My Short Stories> album
  • A mini class gathering
  • A small birthday BBQ with my cousin tomorrow
  • Anime Festival Asia 2008 on the 22nd-23rd
  • AOBA ‘dinner party’ on the 22nd, night
  • And probably, the end of my (lousy) part-time work on the 31st

Most importantly…

  • Meeting kY today, 15th Nov!! OMG!!!

What more can I ask more? 🙂

Hmmm…probably, a chance to go Japan to meet YUI and AIMI!?

Addition: Somehow Ms Janis from AOBA managed to find this blog…and even know it’s mine!!
She from EDMW or something? How come CSI skills so power one?

Edit: You like what you see? Mr ‘Lao Lao’? Wahaha!!! =P


One response to “Probably a ‘fruitful’ month for me…

  1. kY Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 117

    where is me in your list? ME!!

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