Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Simple (or Stupid) Mind I Have

I am a simple (stupid) guy.
Most troubles erased after a few nights’ sleep.

Anyway, went to MediaCorp on Sunday. Power right?
Well, was just there to watch live ‘Don’t Forget The Lyrics!’.
The entire program, wasn’t that exciting for me, but it was funny, as it was a Valentine’s Day special and they had Glenn Ong and FD as one of the 2 celebrity couples for the show.

The experience was rather enlightening as well, as I got to watch with my own eyes the process of filming.

Now broke, yet bored at the same time. More reasons for me to stay at home and be a couch potato (or mattress potato, in the case for my room – no couch, no bed, only mattress).

And yeah, Ben 10 is good. It’s one of the best American cartoons where the hero isn’t too insanely powerful, the powers are well-balanced, and the humor aren’t too corny. Give it a try.

And well, somehow I’m seeing less of the receptionist. No, she’s still working there…just then I no longer ‘dare’ to even turn to her direction.
*deep sigh*


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