Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Wave and Circle

There are ups and downs in the moods of everyone.
Most are waves. Mine is a circle, up for the same reasons, and down for the same ones.

Anyway, was actually out of Singapore for 2 days (think my Japanese teacher was the only one who knew about this other than my family). My dad brought us to Bintan Island, but not a resort (I ain’t complaining). Interesting place (my first time there), relaxing indeed, pace of life there is slow…probably due to the efficiency of the people there.
Well, according to my…aunt (I think can address as such), everything there is ‘dirt-cheap’ (nice)…but you wun get much shopping experience anyway (especially for me…the toys there are almost all counterfeit).

However, was a nice resting period for myself (and for my wallet too). And now, back in Singapore, worries return as well. *sigh*

Now in need of money (for useful purposes)…and the brains and confidence…and probably luck.

For my own ‘look back’ in the future at my own cowardice:
Today I took the escalators up to Level 4 instead of the lift.
Not once did I look down at the counter where she was at.


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