Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

鹿男あをによし (Shika-otoko Aoniyoshi)

No, not the drama. The original novel.

Had just finished the book, and seriously, the forlorn feeling when one reaches the end of a story hit me once again. Stronger this time, than when I had finished with Suzumiya Haruhi (for now), for the journey ends for sure.

Few key characters, but very distinctively defined: the slightly psychotic ‘ore/me’, seemingly spiteful Hotta, elegant ‘Madonna’ Nagaoka, sly ‘Richard’ Oharida, laidback Fujiwara, suave Shige-san, ambitious Nanba, and the kind Grandma.
And of course, not forgetting the demanding Deer. 🙂

The author, Makime Manabu, has done a great job describing the beauty of Nara, and despite the plot slowly heading towards something serious, the light-hearted tone of words was never lost. And yeah, I never knew the excitement of Kendou matches could be conveyed in words.
An impressive feat too, for Makime-san to fuse fiction (really…? 🙂 ) with real history together to create such a wonderful adventure. And at the same time, he hints to the readers that Man and Nature share their existence with each other, and probably with the gods as well, just like a triangle (an essential part of the story, it is).

So I’ll recommend anyone to just grab this book, and enjoy the journey along with the man who has been given an important job…by a deer.

(Sorry for any lousy grammar used.)

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