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Blabbering of a Fool

Blabbering, with a side of crap

OK, I tried buying clothes for myself, on my own, for the first time…just because I felt like it.
(The first time I had to buy for myself, it was because my jeans split, and it was right after work…)

Wanna to get something from S&K, but somehow, after browsing through the store…I just felt the place too humid (probably the decor), and the apparel just lost its appeal on me.
So I went to Giordano instead…it has become some kind of ‘high-class’ store (to me anyway), but I eventually got stuff there. Wanted to just get a top, but after some merchandising from the staff there, got ‘meself’ a bottom as well (I have short legs). Talk about being gullible.

Anyway, so I got to be a Giordano member. Plus a free T-shirt. 🙂

By the way, the interesting thing was that after I made my purchase, I saw 2 old Japanese ladies, who were on holiday here, having trouble communicating with the staff when they made theirs. Seeing both parties at a loss, I tried helping them with my ‘half-bucket’ Japanese…and eventually, we (a staff member by the name of Max, and me) brought the ladies to the money changer, and they got to make their purchase successfully.
The ladies wanted to buy me a drink (not booze, of course), but I was running out of time (it was during lunchtime) and so I had to excuse myself.

So I went back to my office feeling good, while trying to steal glances of the receptionist…again. 😛

One response to “Blabbering, with a side of crap

  1. Kodomut Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 1033

    a smile put on others by you puts a smile on yourself too!

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