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Niigata Seiryo University (新潟青陵大学) Exchange – Forgotten Facts

I’m too lazy to add in forgotten facts into the previous posts, so here they are. 🙂
(Not that anyone really bothers though…)

  • Everyone of the students from Niigata Seiryo in this exchange session is of the same age as me EXCEPT Wataru-san, who is 25. 🙂
  • Not just many first times for them, but also for myself too. My first time having someone voluntarily posing with me for a photo, instead of vice versa; first time to Hotel Grand Central; first time to Sentosa in probably 5 years or so; first time touching a live snake; first time to the Roof Terrace and the library in the Esplanade; first time seeing all the Merlions right in front of me; first time to Mustafa Centre.
    And of course, my first time speaking so much Japanese.
  • I realize that I can speak the language more fluently than I thought I could.
  • 1 night – this has got to be the shortest time I got to know so many local friends.
  • It feels kinda great when you can communicate with people using another language. 😀

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