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Blabbering of a Fool

Code Blue Episode 2

Aizawa, on his debut flight mission, handled an on-site amputation on a young man who had his arm crushed under machinery. Fujikawa handled Kuriyama’s operation, who gave her own arm a final farewell by remembering the touch of Fujikawa’s handshake. Hiyama finally got Takigawa’s niece to visit and be by her side when she woke up, and Shiraishi heard from Aizawa himself about his aspiration to become a famous doctor.

Aizawa continues to be on flight duty, this time with Morimoto, handling a case of the casualty being hit by a falling billboard. Hiyama learns from Mitsui that she often refers to the thesis Hiyama had wrote back in her university days, and is pleased. Kuroda, Shiraishi, and Fujikawa are on patrol duty when they receive a ‘Code Shouhoku’, which is a code for emergency rescue. They swiftly bring an old lady who had collapsed in the hospital to the treatment room, where all the interns, except Aizawa, help with the emergency treatment.
During the treatment, the helicopter returns and the casualty, Komura, is brought into the treatment room as well. The interns go on to help with Komura as well. He strongly resists having his shirt cut open when the doctors wish to check for any broken ribs, and they struggle to control Komura. To everyone’s surprise, they see him wearing a bra beneath his shirt, thus learning abut his fetish of wearing bras.
Treatment on both sides finally ends, and as Aizawa leaves, he sees the old lady on the stretcher, recognizing her as a patient he had seen the previous night. Kuroda learns about his decision to let the old lady go home after seeing her, and is disappointed.

During lunch, Fujikawa, Siraishi and Hiyama talk about how Aizawa had brushed the old lady, who went to the hospital complaining about having a toothache, off the previous night to participate in an operation with Morimoto. Fujikawa speaks about how everyone thinks too highly of Aizawa, while Hiyama comments that he will most likely be suspended, but only Shiraishi defends Aizawa. Irritated by her kind words, Hiyama reprimands Shiraishi to stop hiding behind a facade of words and speak what’s on her mind. Shiraishi, shocked by this sudden outburst, leaves shortly after receiving a call, and Hiyama follows suit, leaving Fujikawa who has no idea of what’s going on.
At the emergency ward room, Saijou tells Kuroda and Aizawa about the old lady’s condition, which is actually a clot in a blood vessel at the brain. With Saijou absent from the room, Kuroda reprimands Aizawa, telling him to look at the comatosed patient he might kill. He asks for the wireless radio from Aizawa, and hands it over to Hiyama who is present, conducting a check on another patient.

The thrilled Hiyama gloats to a jealous Fujikawa, who goes on to take care of Komura, named ‘Bra Man’ by the staff. Komura describes the feeling of wearing a bra to Fujikawa, and urges him to try wearing one. Meanwhile, Shiraishi receives a call to handle a patient who has supposedly broke her nose from falling down the stairs. She performs routine checks on the patient, Yokota Eiko, to determine other possible injuries, but surprising found none. Shiraishi sends Yokota for a CT scan, where Saijou is unable to find any injuries with her head other than her nose. Everyone present suspects it to be a case of domestic violence, the culprit being Yokota’s boyfriend, who was the one who brought Yokota in.
Fujikawa sends Komura for a CT scan, but Komura suddenly panics when approaching the scanner.

Later that night, Aizawa tells Shiraishi his observations on Yokota’s boyfriend, who is left-handed. Shiraishi then realizes that Yokota’s nose is twisted to her left, thus confirming their doubts on the case. Returning to the station, Shiraishi asks about Aizawa himself and the comatosed patient, but he is confident that he will make up for his mistake eventually. He then poses a questions for Shiraishi when Hiyama returns, asking whether she will pick him or Hiyama to operate on her mother if she needs one. Shiraishi picks herself.

The next day, Fujikawa tries training the claustophobic Komura for his scan by trying to put him into a toilet cubicle, but not before showing him that he has worn a bra beneath as a promise to him. However, Komura uses his rights as a patient to reject the treatment, despite theri promise.
Aizawa is summoned to the Unit Chief’s office, where Kuroda is present as well. Tadokoro explains to Aizawa that they have already apologized to the family of the comatosed lady, Nishiguchi Yae, on his behalf. He also reprimands him that he should have been more diligent and sensitive on his work. Kuroda, after hearing all these, stomps off the room.
At the treatment room, Shiraishi approaches Saejima, telling her that she should share her thoughts with her, since they are of the same age. To her shock, Saejima starts a continuous outburst of complaints about Shiraishi, comparing herself with Shiraishi, and her frustrations about being a nurse when she is superior than any of the interns. Shiraishi even has to scream stop to end the barrage halfway, and Saejima just walks away coolly.

Hiyama is assisted by Aizawa while treating a patient. They see Nishiguchi getting transferred into the ward room, and HIyama asks him whether he is feeling any remorse for his mistake. She comments that he is the worst kind of person when he replies that he feels nothing.

Shiraishi visits Yokota at her bed, and at the same time informing her about a reconstruction operation for her nose. To her surprise, Yokota refuses to the treatment, telling her to just keep her nose broken as it is. While still pondering over Yokota’s strange request, Shiraishi is told by Aizawa in the lift to just carry on with the operation and report Yokota’s boyfriend to the police. With only her and Saejima left alone soon after, Shiraishi asks Saejima about her boyfriend and learns that he had died 6 months ago. Saejima leaves a apologetic Shiraishi, and as the door closes, someone forces the door open, and Shiraishi is scared to see Yokota’s boyfriend entering.
Hiyama continues waiting eagerly for a call for Doctor Heli, though nothing happens, The doctor on duty, Mitsui, tells her that it happens sometimes, and that it’s just too bad.

In a general room, Shiraishi holds a meeting for Yokota and her boyfriend, Tadashi. She asks Yokota about the claim from Tadashi taht she had asked him to punch her at the nose herself, and Yokota admits.
Meanwhile, Aizawa visits Nishiguchi while Kuroda is doing a routine check for her. He sarcastically expresses surprise that Aizawa would be concerned over a patient, then suggests that it is a lawsuit that he is afraid of. However, Aizawa takes it in his stride, admitting that the condition of Nishiguchi was due to his negligence.
As their meeting goes on, Shiraishi learns about Yokota being a dysmorphophobic, who is never satisfied with her nose. Yokota gradually stops going out and only hides at home, afraid of showing her ‘defect’ to the world. Tadashi tried helping her, but to no avail, and eventually, the request from Yokota to break her ‘ugly’ nose. At this point, Yokota starts expressing joy and satisfaction, but breaks down into tears instead.

Hiyama’s much-awaited call for flight duty finally comes in the evening, a case of a pregnant woman going into a state of shock. HIyama can hardly contain her joy as she and Mitsui make their way to the rendezvous point on the helicopter.
Reaching the site, both doctors learn about the pregnant woman being hit by a kid on a bicycle, resulting in the current situation. As they perform treatment on the woman, Mitsui sees the boy suddenly throwing up and collapsing, and rushes to him to execute treatment as well. And so, Hiyama is left on her own to handle the situation of the pregnant woman……

Kunimoto Shouken (國本 鍾建) as Komura (小村)

Fujikawa is always the slowest to catch on things

Kuroda tells Aizawa to take a good look at the patient he is about to ‘kill’…

…and asks him to surrender the wireless radio over

Hiyama gets chosen to be on flight duty next, to Fujikawa’s disappointment

Komura makes it clear to Fujikawa that he’s neither gay nor a pervert

Shiraishi handles a case of a woman, Yokota Eiko, falling down the stairs…

…but the doctors suspect it to be a domestic violence case

Shiraishi learns about Aizawa’s amazing confidence

Fujikawa tries desperately to control the claustrophobic Komura

The things doctors do to gain their patients’ trust

Aizawa gets reprimanded by Tadokoro as well for his negligence

Shiraishi has to shout ‘Stop’ to end Saejima’s harsh words about herself

Shiraishi is puzzled over Yokota’s decision to refuse treatment on her nose

Saejima mentions about her boyfriend, who had died half a year ago

Fukui Hiroaki (福井 博章) as Ono Tadashi (小野 正)

Aizawa starts to feel remorse over his mistake that left Nishiguchi comatose

Yokota breaks down into tears when relating her life story to Shiraishi

Hiyama can hardly contain her glee on her debut flight on the helicopter

Situation on site goes out of hand, leaving Hiyama to fend for herself


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